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    Sanitary facilities
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    Sanitary facilities
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    Shower cabine


everything you need!

Camping Mayrhofen is in a quiet, sunny location on the northern edge of Mayrhofen (elevation 630 m) only a few minutes‘ walk from the town center, and it is surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery.  

Wellness news

The sauna is closed until the beginning of June!

standard campsites

Size: approximately 60 to 70 m²
Hookups: electricity, fresh water, sewage*, some have a TV hookup
Ground: gravel or grass

comfort campsites

Size: approximately 100 m²
Hookups: electricity, fresh water, sewage*, TV  
Ground: gravel (except 8A)

luxury campsites

Size: approximately 130 m²
Hookups: electricity, fresh water, sewage*, TV
Ground: gravel or grass
Including WLAN premium access for the entire stay.

* Fresh water and sewage connection is not possible in winter

panoramic campsite or campsite with terrace 

These campsites are located on a hill and are categorized as standard, comfort, and luxury sites.
Hookups: electricity, fresh water, sewage, TV 
Ground: gravel (except P12-P19 & P36-P42 - grass)

Privates Badezimmer
Privates Badezimmer

sanitary facilities

Our sanitary facilities are equipped with

  • Individual shower cubicles
  • Sinks
  • WCs
  • Baby washroom with changing table and child’s bathtub
  • Handicap-accessible washroom
  • Dishwashing room
  • Laundry room with washing machine and dryer

private bathroom

Of course, there is also the opportunity to rent a private bathroom for the duration of your stay. This bathroom is equipped with WC, shower, sink, and hair dryer.

about the amenities

01 What hookups are available at the campsites?
  • Electrical hookup (16 amp breaker)
  • Direct supply of drinking water and sewage disposal
  • TV cable connection (in some places)
02 Is there a shopping opportunity on the campgrounds?

Our camping shop offers a large selection of food and many products that campers especially need.

03 How is electricity charged?

The status of the meter will be read at the beginning and end of your stay. The difference yields the kW/hr. that were used. You will then be charged € 0.80 for each kW/hr.  

04 Is WLAN available on the campgrounds?

Yes, throughout the campgrounds. Login details are available at the reception desk.  
Price: € 3.00 per day, € 15.00 per week, € 30.00 per month

05 Are there offers for children on the campgrounds?

Our campgrounds have a large children's playground with pirate tree house. There is also table tennis. At the outdoor pool, there is a children's pool for ultimate swimming fun.